Who we are and what we do best

My name is Axel and I founded Code and Me 5 years ago to support the development of innovative and sustainable person-centred care structures and tools within healthcare and social welfare systems. Since than we have developed different mHealth products that together form the backbone in our own personal health record called SYMGO-HD. Code and me is a platform provider, yet we now that in order to built a sustainable and successful platform in person-centred eHealth, we support the development and growth also in the area of different healthcare services.

During our time with SYMGO-HD, we therefore have worked a lot with designing as as well facilitating change managment and strategic managment within the healthcare setting. Maybe you are a entrepreneur or hospital manager with a great idea that need advice about strategic development and management within the healthcare setting.

  • Development of eHealth solutions: Development of the business idea, marketing strategy and distribution channels in  ventures within eHealth and mHealth. We have been there ourselves, and as such we have a lot of experience in in-house design and development of mobile applications in mHealth and eHealth.
  • Project design, management and evaluation: Designing and executing research both using quantitative (statistical methods, surveys ) and qualitative evaluations methods ( structural analysis, content analysis and observational method).
  • Design and facilitation of change management programs: Facilitating strategic change management and human resource management that will support you and your team in becoming more focused and successful in building your change program toward person-centred care.