Creating world-leading value constellations in healthcare built on cooperation, solidarity and equality that produce outcomes that matters for patients and providers. 

My name is Axel and I founded Code and Me back in 2010 to design and develop innovative games and apps that focused on co-operation, such as the iPad game Ninja Fingers, named one of the best christmas games 2011 by the Swedish newspaper GP.

However, my real passion and driving force has always been to support a healthcare system that is built on cooperation, solidarity and equality.  That’s why I today spend almost all my time supporting the development of innovative and sustainable eHealth structures within the healthcare and social welfare sector that are built on value constellations rather than on separate value chains. 

Working with my vision: 

My vision is to support a sustainable change toward person-centredness, focusing on the inherent resources and curiosity of both patients, relatives and professionals to innovate and to improve our ability to discuss and reflect about issues surrounding patient participation, shared decision making and person-centred healthcare. That’s why I work intensively with projects focusing on public engagement, professional learning and innovations within eHealth with the public sector, industry and NGO´s.

My cornerstones that I strive for:

  • Social responsibility
  • Sustainability and cost effectiveness
  • Open source/open innovation


Axel Wolf (MBA, PhD)

Founder Code and Me

Gothenburg January 2015