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Who we are and what we do best

Code and Me was founded 5 years ago to support the development of innovative and sustainable person-centred care structures and tools within healthcare and social welfare systems. Since than we have gained a lot of experience in designing and producing person-centered mobile eHealth (mHealth) application such as personal health records as well change managment and strategic managment in person-centered healthcare.

Maybe you are a entrepreneur and/or hospital manager with a great idea that need advice about strategic organizational development and management.

Development of eHealth solutions:

Development of the business idea, marketing strategy and distribution channels in  ventures within eHealth and mHealth. We have been there ourselves, and as such we have a lot of experience in in-house design and development of mobile applications in mHealth and eHealth.

Project design, management and evaluation:

We have experience in designing and executing research both using quantitative (statistical methods, surveys ) and qualitative evaluations methods ( structural analysis, content analysis and observational method).

Design and facilitation of change management programs:

We have  expertis in change management and human resource management that will support you and your team in becoming more focused and successful in building your change program toward person-centred care.

All consults at Code and Me have extensive management experience in the fields of:


Pedagogic/change management

Human resources

Process development/systematic improvement